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Food Safety: The Benefits of Toll Free Numbers

Regulations around food safety are falling behind the exponential growth of the food production industry, leading to more and food recall news. The general food recall procedure here in the US is that businesses and food producers must contact the FDA as soon as they are aware of an issue with their product. Once the FDA responds to the notification, the company must disperse the information to the public on their website and through various media channels.The timeline in these scenarios is within 24 hours.

Food recalls due to allergens or even bacterias are becoming more prevalent than in the past. With that said, companies are reporting more and more food recalls as preventative measures, rather than actual illness or, in the worst case, death.

Case Study

A well-known canned vegetable producer and distributor had an unfortunate packaging mishap in 2018. They were in need of an international toll free number within 24 hours of learning that one of their products might have broken glass inside the packaging. They came to TeleForwarding and we were able to provide a turnaround time quicker than the 24 hours they requested.  

Immediate Response is Key

With situations like the Case Study above, it is important to offer an accessible line for consumers to call to find out the exact information they are looking for. And, when calamity is involved, your regular customer service number won’t do the job. Not only can an international toll free number allow your consumers a direct line to the information they need, they can do it without any extra man power on your end. Here’s how:

Voice recordings

By definition, the media uses fear tactics to keep the public’s attention. This is no difference in the event of a food recall. Giving the consumer access to a line specific to food recalls can ease the panic and de-escalate the situation. To minimize your consumers’ worries, you can offer a hotline playing a clear pre-recorded voice message. By offering a message to callers about what to do in case of the calamity often communicated in the media, your consumers will not be panicked because they will get the proper information quickly and easily.

Leave a message

In addition to voice recordings, you can give the consumer the chance to leave a message stating their specific concerns. With Voice2Mail services, you can have these messages transcribed and sent directly to you. This is a great way to collect data about what your consumers are concerned about in relation to your food recall.

These are just a couple of ways a toll free number benefits the food industry when faced with a food recall. Contact us today to learn more.

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