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What is global call forwarding?

Said simply, call forwarding lets you have a phone number anywhere in the world and answer calls anywhere you want.

Global call forwarding means sending calls from any location in the world to a designated phone or phones. If, for instance, you have international toll-free numbers in Canada, Mexico and China, we will forward all incoming calls to any landline or mobile phone of your choice, whether this is in the US or abroad. And the great thing is: there is no extra charge!

What is Interactive Voice Response or IVR?

Interactive Voice Response, in short IVR, is a computerized technology that uses human voice and DTMF-tones transmitted via the telephone keypad in order to let people give commands via telephone.

Put simply: an IVR, or IVR menu, allows callers to make a choice between different departments or types of support by using their phone keypad, such as “Press 1 for accounting, Press 2 for Customer Service”.

TeleForwarding enables IVR for organizations without the need for any hardware. We can also provide texts for IVR menu’s in practically any language in the world. This makes our IVR service the ideal tool for your international phone numbers.

What is the Online Dashboard?

With the TeleForwarding Online Dashboard we offer you 1 online portal where you can collect all your international phone numbers (even those from other providers), additional features and reports on you international call traffic.

This gives you full control over everything that has to do with your international phone numbers via one easily accessible and secure web tool. Would you like to change your destination numbers? No problem, you can do it yourself within a few minutes. Do you need to adjust the time schedule in your time/day routing feature, it’s easily done with a few simple mouse clicks.

In fact, with the Online Dashboard, you don’t really need us at all. But of course, you can always give us a call if you do have questions.

What is Voice2Mail?

Are you unable to answer the phone? With the Voice2Mail feature you allow your callers to leave a message that will be forwarded as a voice file to your e-mail address.

This is how it works: the Voice2Mail system records voice messages of  your callers on an online platform. Here the voicemails are converted into an audio file (.wav) and this file is then sent to a predetermined e-mail address.  If you have our Online Dashboard you can also access your voicemails through this Dashboard.

The Voice2Mail feature is completely independent of any hardware and can be added to any or all of your international phone numbers.

What is Fax2Mail?

You might think that faxing is a dying technology, but if you conduct business internationally, you know that in certain countries the fax is still very popular. Does this mean you need a fax machine? Not at all!

With our Fax2Mail feature you can receive faxes on your toll-free number. Our network converts these faxes to a .PDF or .TIFF file and sends them to you via e-mail. PDF files can even be encrypted for additional security.

What is Time/Day Routing?

Time/day call routing, also referred to as time-of-day-routing, enables organizations to forward calls to a different destination number (whether that’s another phone line, another office, another office in another time zone or an answering machine) if the caller is not calling within the opening hours. This is ideal for international businesses that have to deal with international time differences.

For example, if a caller calls within the opening hours of your head office, all calls can be forwarded to your head office. If a caller from another time zone calls when all employees of the head office are fast asleep we will make sure all your calls get forwarded to another office, where people are still working, or to an answering machine, such as a Voice2Mail.

Time/day routing will always be set up using a routing schedule that is specific to your organization’s needs.  If you also have our Online Dashboard you can change this schedule online.

With time/day call routing you will never miss an international call again!

What is Sequential Ringing

With sequential ringing you can forward your incoming calls to several devices or employees in a predetermined sequence. Is employee 1 not available? Then the call will be sent to employee 2 etc.

While the sequential ringing service searches for an attendant to answer the phone, the calling party is provided with a greeting and kept in an audio-menu as long as the service is searching. The sequential ringing service loops several times until the ringing process ends. If all the numbers in the process remain unanswered, the caller is forwarded to the voicemail to leave a message.

What is Call Recording?

Our Call Recording feature allows you to record all incoming calls. This can be very useful for training purposes, as it allows you to assess the effectiveness of call handling scripts, the efficiency of your employees and identify customer service trends. This helps you to improve the performance of your staff and your overall customer service level.

Another important use of call recording is to record oral transactions and agreements. With a recorded call as proof you can always refer back to the original agreement in case of a dispute or disagreement.

At TeleForwarding you can add call recording to one or all of your international phone numbers.

What can I do with Call Management

Call Management offers you the possibility to monitor the call traffic, both online and in real time, of all your international phone numbers and create reports of the functions that are most useful  to your company.

This allows you to get better insights into the performance of your call center and the performance of your employees, allowing you to optimize your call center wherever that is needed and anticipate new developments.

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