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Call Trunking Or SIP Trunking, What Is It?

What is SIP Trunking?

Have you heard of SIP Trunking? For this week’s blog post, we put together a comprehensive overview of just that: what is SIP Trunking and how does it work for your organisation. What is SIP Trunking? Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)…

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DIfference Between Hotline Pgone Numbers And Free Hotline Numbers, Explained

Toll Free Numbers and Hotline Numbers

All day long we hear commercials calling out “call us toll free!” or “contact us on our free hotline numbers”. The relationship between these different types of telephone numbers is confusing; hotline numbers can be 800 numbers, but a toll…

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From Planes back to Trains and Automobiles

In this installment of the sustainability series, we thought it would be interesting to take a moment to take a closer look at air travel for business purposes. In the last post, we talked about the cost of carbon dioxide…

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The Costs of Air Travel

In this installment of our Series on Sustainability, be prepared to learn the extent to which your air travel truly impacts our planet. While the Environmental Protection Agency's calculations state that carbon dioxide emissions from commercial air travel is only…

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Series on Sustainability: An Introduction

As we are slowly approaching the end of the first quarter of the millennium, society is becoming increasingly aware of the impact their lives have on the state of the environment. For decades, there has been talk about the effects…

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Voicemail – Yes or No?

The big players are phasing out voicemail A memo at Coca-Cola was released in November 2014 announcing the elimination of voicemail to “simplify the way [our employees] work and increase productivity”.   Instead of offering a voicemail service, incoming callers find…

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What the SmartHome is all about

Let me reiterate the title of this blog as a question: What is the SmartHome all about? Is it simply about the Amazon Dash button, allowing you to reorder products literally at the push of a button? Or coffee makers…

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Artificial Intelligence: Amelia and DeepMind

There have been a number of films released in the last couple of years covering the topic of Artificial Intelligence. 2013’s Her, where Joaquin Phoenix falls in love with the character in his cell phone (voiced by Scarlett Johansson) and…

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