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Our core business for >25 years

TeleForwarding is a true niche specialist in Toll Free and Local* phone numbers. With our vast experience and expertise, we bundle the services of many global Telco providers. Our added value is creating a true one-stop shop solution for all your needs. From the same exceptional service and support across all your lines, to the broadest coverage across the world. That’s why our customers think so highly of us!

What we offer

  • competitive rates
  • perfect customer service
  • quick provisioning of new numbers
  • easy number management
  • routing changes
  • reliable, stable & secure connections
  • smooth porting of existing numbers

Toll Free phone number


1 number
in 1 country

+800 Freephone number


1 number
in 45 countries

Local* phone number


1 local area number
in 1 city/country

Get the best price and service

1) Bundle your existing phone numbers

Need faster or better support? Tired of different SLAs and currencies? Want to request phone numbers for more countries or cities? Bundle the services you want across all your numbers and countries. In just 4 simple steps, TeleForwarding can port your phone numbers.

Step 1: Request a switch to us & keep your number

2) Buy your new phone numbers

We offer 100% transparency in pricing and in just 2 steps you’ll have the costs of routing in your inbox .

Step 1: Request quote for numbers & countries here

The advantages of Toll Free and Local phone numbers

Toll Free phone numbers have undeniable benefits and can be used for a variety of business needs. With Local* phone numbers, you can show your (virtual) presence in cities and countries in over 120 countries. The good news: they can be set-up in days and implemented in any tele-infrastructure!

*Local phone numbers are also called virtual local phone numbers, landline phone numbers, and geographical phone numbers. 

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