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Features for Business Phone Numbers

At TeleForwarding, we offer the following standard features with all our virtual local phone numbers and toll free forwarding numbers.

Global Call Forwarding

Looking to answer calls from Australia and across Europe from your HQ in Houston? All incoming calls to your international toll free or virtual local phone numbers can be routed to any landline or mobile phone of your choosing.

Free Change of Destination Number

Would you like to change your destination number because of a relocation or simply because you’re going out of town on business? No problem! We will change your destination number for you, free of charge.

Your Own Contact Person

Have questions? Looking to improve your reach? At TeleForwarding you always have a designated contact person whom you can contact directly via phone or e-mail.  This means you always get direct support whenever you need it.

These Additional Features can be ordered separately *

Online Dashboard

Our Online Dashboard gives you full control over all your local and international toll free numbers. With your unique login credentials, access all of your features and make changes when needed at the click of your mouse!

IVR – Interactive Voice Response

“For Sales, Press 1; For Billing, Press 2”. An IVR system lets your callers can interact with a voice menu using their telephone keypad. IVR options can be anything from a simple menu list to a PIN verification system – all available in multiple languages.

Call Statistics

Call Statistics enable you to create detailed and tailored reports using your latest call data, providing useful insights into incoming call volumes and allows you to plan the use of resources more efficiently.


Most companies are unable to answer the phone 24/7, this is simply a fact of business. With Voice2Mail your callers can leave a voice message which is sent to your e-mail inbox. These files can be played online and/or download.


Is Fax no longer feasible to your business model? Do clients and partners still request to send faxes, anyway? The Fax2Mail Feature converts your incoming faxes into PDF files sent directly to your chosen e-mail address.

Time/Day Routing

With Time/Day Routing allows all incoming calls during business hours to be forwarded to a landline number, while all incoming calls after hours or on holidays are forwarded to any mobile number or directly to voicemail.

Call Queue

Does you experience fluctuations in call volume? Prepare yourself for peaks in call volume by implementing a call queue. You can combine the Call Queue feature with the Queue Monitor to handle all incoming calls in real time.

Call Recording

Would you like to record calls for training or quality assurance purposes? Our Call Recording feature enables you to automatically record incoming calls and save them in an online database or download them to your computer.

Sequential Ringing

With Sequential Ringing you can forward your incoming calls to several lines in a predetermined sequence. When the first line is unavailable, the call rings automatically through to the second, and so forth, and finally to voicemail if needed.

* Additional costs apply

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