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Health Care: The Benefits of Toll Free Numbers

There are hundreds of ways that you can make use of toll free numbers to benefit your company’s customer service practices. Within the next few weeks, we will show you some of the ways companies can apply toll free numbers in different industries.

There are many situations in the health and pharmaceutical industries which call for users to report their information and experiences. You can use a toll free number to report user experience in a number of different ways.

Reporting in clinical trials

In large scale clinical trials, you often have thousands of participants. Instead of having them log their personal information and side effects to submit after the duration of the trial, you could implement a round the clock toll free number. A toll free number benefits trial participants because they can call in their personal statistics and information as they happen. These toll free numbers can be fully automated with a fixed script in the caller’s language, with spoken or keyed in instructions. It can even be individualized per caller. Since these lines are available to many callers simultaneously, it is a good way to keep researchers constantly updated about the data and the patients’ experiences.

Reporting personal statistics

Try implementing a service line specifically for recording personal statistics that patients can measure at home like weight, blood pressure, blood sugars, etc. This saves the patient the effort of having to use online portals or applications. Portals and apps require technological access and certain cognitive abilities that not all members of your clinical trial will necessarily have. A toll free number benefits older people who are not technologically savvy. It gives them the chance to call in and use the touch tone instructions to enter their personal information.

Reporting side effects

It is no secret that medications have side effects. Many people report their side effects to their health care providers but not to the pharmaceutical companies. Imagine the wealth of data that you can collect by offering a universal international toll free number for people to call and report their side effects. Additionally, customers’ as well as the societies trust will be increased.

These are just a few of the ways a toll free number benefits the health and pharmaceutical industries. Contact us today to learn more or to receive individual solutions for your needs.


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