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Transparent Cost Overview
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Price Components

Buy a business phone number and reap the benefits immediately. TeleForwarding USA offers 100% transparency of all cost components. Please note that pricing is dependent upon the service(s) you choose.

   Cost components free phone numbers  uifn numbers  virtual phone numbers
Payment Frequency Clarification of Costs
   Number Activation + + + One Time Rate for each activated number and/or country
   Number Hosting + + + Monthly Rate dependent on the # activated countries
   Number Routing + + + Monthly Rate based upon ‘cost per minute’ and/or ‘cost per call’
   Number Assignment n/a x x One Time Rate for each special/specific number
   Number Control n/a + n/a Monthly Rate independent of the # activated countries

+ = applicable,     x = optional,     n/a = not applicable

free phone numbers

1 number

in 1 country

uifn numbers

1 number

in 45 countries


virtual phone numbers

1 local area number

in 1 city


Price Request

To buy business phone numbers today, just select the countries in which you want to buy a business phone number to start the process. Once you’ve completed your request form, you will receive a pricing offer in your inbox in just 2 steps: an initial non-binding offer for routing costs and a final & complete offer within 2 days.

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Beyond Pricing: Our Best in Class Service

Yes, we understand pricing is key in any business. That’s why we offer very competitive rates when you buy a business phone number with TeleForwarding USA. We deliver outstanding service at the best price, giving you the best value for your money.

For over two decades, TeleForwarding USA has strived to be the best business phone service provider for your overseas business, specializing in domestic free phone numbers, uifn numbers, and virtual phone numbers. The best Telco providers around the world partner with TeleForwarding because we embody the organization and flexibility needed to offer you the best business phone service. This gives you a unique ‘one-stop shop’ experience, with the broadest coverage across the world.

TeleForwarding USA is a business phone service provider that bundles your business phone service into one contract, with one invoice in USD. We work with one SLA to ensure that all of our clients receive the same exceptional telecom services and support.

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