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How to Become a Sustainable Business Using Telephony

Sustainability Series
1. Series on Sustainability: An Introduction
2. The Costs of Air Travel
3. From Planes back to Trains and Automobiles
4. Sustainability and Telecoms
5. How to Become a Sustainable Business Using Telephony

It’s interesting to see how often it comes up in the news these days that we are damaging the planet with excessive travel. At the end of 2018, we brought you our Series on Sustainability. In the series, we explained the basics of climate change and how business travel can cause harmful effects on the environment.

Approximately 600 trees need to be planted to replenish the Earth’s oxygen levels one cross-country flight between New York and San Francisco. At 41 flights between these destinations, that’s a whopping 24,600 trees to be planted per day!

However, companies continue to send their employees on cross-country business meetings. As the economy grows, costs rise. Soon enough, small and medium sized companies won’t be able to keep up with their large counterparts. Travel expenses may be pennies to a large company, but it could lead a small or medium sized business to bankruptcy.

There are plenty of ways we hope and wish that governments and businesses will make changes to frequency that we travel. We would love to see a world where everyone is making small steps in their everyday life to help save the only planet we have!

One possibility to offset the demands of travel are business telephonic solutions.

Use your virtual PBX

Having access to the virtual PBX means your employees can work from anywhere. This can allow you to hire people who live in other cities without worrying about footing the cost of travel. When there is an important conference to attend cross-country or overseas, whoever makes the trip can easily communicate with the office.

Local phone numbers

To minimize travel between business meetings, we can help you set up local phone numbers. This allows your distant colleagues and clients to contact you without having to pay the long-distance costs. And, for urgent situations, this is a great solution to emergency travel for meetings.

Conference call-in numbers

Avoid traveling cross-country by making use of conference calls rather than face-to-face meetings. Those invited to the conference call can access it through a bridge number. This is a number they can call to connect to the teleconference from wherever they are. This gives you less of a need for frequent meetings, and your business travel expenses will be considerably lower.

A bonus to all of these solutions? By engaging in less business travel, your company’s carbon footprint will decrease dramatically! Saving money and saving the planet? We call that a win-win situation!

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