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Going back to basics: Conference calls

We’ve all experienced the technical difficulties when trying to put together a video conference call with more than one other party. So instead, we jump straight to face-to-face meetings to avoid the drama of it all! Unfortunately, Star Trek’s teleportation…

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Stress, Emails, and Going Back to Basics

E-mails, e-mails, e-mails! It's no secret that many of us end up answering emails hours before we arrive at the office, and hours after we leave. This is detrimental to our health as it heightens anxiety and takes time away…

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On Burnout

It's no secret that since the dawn of the American Dream, everyone and their neighbor has been looking for a way to make millions and live a lavish life. Celebrities, people who are born into money, and Silicon Valley moguls…

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Stress and Mental Health: An Introduction

It’s no secret that as we push towards our career goals, some of us spend far too much time focused on our work and not enough time focused on ourselves. Millenials and job burnout Alarmingly, in the last few decades,…

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Sustainability and Telecoms

Imagine this. It's mid-21st century. Year 2047. Worldwide, annual carbon emissions have dropped in the past 30 years from 410 ppm in 2018 to below 300 ppm. The lowest we've seen since the start of the Industrial Revolution just 100…

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From Planes back to Trains and Automobiles

In this installment of the sustainability series, we thought it would be interesting to take a moment to take a closer look at air travel for business purposes. In the last post, we talked about the cost of carbon dioxide…

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The Costs of Air Travel

In this installment of our Series on Sustainability, be prepared to learn the extent to which your air travel truly impacts our planet. While the Environmental Protection Agency's calculations state that carbon dioxide emissions from commercial air travel is only…

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Series on Sustainability: An Introduction

As we are slowly approaching the end of the first quarter of the millennium, society is becoming increasingly aware of the impact their lives have on the state of the environment. For decades, there has been talk about the effects…

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New roaming regulation benefits overseas logistics

Since June 15, 2017, the European Roaming Regulation has been enforced whereby telecoms customers in member states of the European Economic Area (EEA) can take advantage of “roam like at home” rules. This means that wherever you may be in…

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