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Toll Free Hotlines for Health Safety Information

Amidst the fear of the COVID-19 outbreak, your trusted telecoms specialists at TeleForwarding are here to help. Here are a few ways you can help spread accurate public health safety information with toll free hotline numbers and virtual local phone numbers.

On the Home Front

Municipal Symptom Disclosure Municipalities can set up emergency toll free hotlines to ensure that residents can anonymously call in and notify officials when they have symptoms of COVID-19. Call agents can direct residents to self-quarantine and/or go to the closest testing facility, for instance.

National Information Hotlines Toll free hotlines can also be implemented for residents to call in and acquire the most up to date information available from municipal, state, and federal governments about how the outbreak is being handled. Implement these hotlines for information such as risk level and in the event of a (city) lockdown.

Big Pharma, Manufacturing, and Distribution

Pharmaceutical companies can first set up toll free hotline numbers for their distributors to disclose any changes or delays in product import/export, since manufacturers may be in highly effected countries such as Singapore or China.

Moreover, an international hotline number  for coronavirus can be set up for pharmacies to call and ask about distribution delays. Having this information is beneficial to customers asking when their (regular) medications will be available to pick up.

Your One-Stop-Shop Solution is… Right Here!

At TeleForwarding, we have the resources to implement toll free hotline numbers and virtual phone numbers.

Our trusted specialists are happy to talk through costs and best features for the number(s) you want to implement in the wake of this COVID-19 outbreak.

There are a number of additional features available:

  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is a pre-recorded voice menu, allowing your callers to make a selection using the keypad (“Press 1 for symptom disclosure”).
  • Do you receive a large volume of simultaneous incoming calls ? The Call Queue feature allows efficient call routing, especially during busy periods. You can even add targeted messages and hold music for high volume call times.
  • With Sequential Ringing you can forward your incoming calls in a certain order to different destination numbers. Is employee 1 not available? Then the call will be forwarded to employee 2, or to a standardized announcement text.

Interested in setting up a number today? Contact us with your business information and we’ll make it happen ASAP.

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