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phone number porting with ease

get a better deal by porting a phone number

TeleForwarding: Your all-in-one specialized business phone service provider

Phone number porting icons for one provider, one contact, one SLA
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Your all-in-one solution for costless phone number porting

Maximum Impact

  • no commitment spend
  • volume discounts
  • double digit savings
  • immediate cancellation with no liability

Non-binding phone number porting request

Minimum Effort

  • 100% service uptime
  • 100% hassle-free transfer
  • 100% no cost
  • 100% our job

Phone number porting in 4 simple steps

  1. Request phone number porting here
  2. Receive a complete & low-priced proposition within 2 days
    EXTRA BONUS: upload your current business phone service installed base with countries & call volume (estimate), and we’ll run the cost comparison to show you the double digit savings
  3. Confirm your switch over to TeleForwarding USA by signing your contract
  4. Let us contact your business phone service provider(s) to port each business phone number. You’ll receive a service notification for each phone number to take immediate advantage of all the benefits.

Access the benefits of porting a phone number to TeleForwarding USA while keeping your business phone number(s)

The phone number porting process, whether for your toll free numbers (800 numbers), uifn numbers (+800 numbers), or virtual phone numbers (local), is very easy. Are you looking to switch providers and keep your current business phone service? Then TeleForwarding USA is the best business phone service provider for you!

Phone number porting process at TeleForwarding USA

We implement the phone number porting process behind the scenes, giving you 100% service uptime while we bring your numbers over to TeleForwarding USA.

For over two decades, TeleForwarding USA strives to be the best business phone service provider for your overseas business phone service, whose niche is in domestic toll free numbers, uifn numbers, and virtual phone numbers. The best Telco providers around the world partner with TeleForwarding USA because we embody the organization and flexibility needed to offer you the best business phone service. This gives you a unique ‘one-stop shop’ experience, with the broadest coverage across the world.

In favor of porting a phone number? Choose TeleForwarding USA! You can port your business phone service to TeleForwarding USA from well known providers like Verizon and AT&T, and others like TollFreeForwarding, GlobalCallForwarding, Avoxi, and RingCentral.

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