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How do I port my International Toll Free phone numbers (ITFS) or UIFN Freephone numbers to another provider?

What is number porting? It’s a process that allows you to switch your provider and keep your numbers!

TeleForwarding makes porting a phone number simple. With the help of our trusted specialists, the number porting process is a seamless transition with minimum efforts, no volume thresholds, and maximum impact!

Maximum Impact

  • Unsurpassed Support
  • Trusted Specialists
  • Global Coverage
  • All-in-One Solution
Minimum Effort

  • 100% line continuity
  • 100% Controlled Transfer
  • 100% Free of Charge
  • 100% Our Job

Porting your number in 4 simple steps

  1. Start with a Number Porting Request
  2. Receive a detailed competitive price proposition within 48 hours
    EXTRA BONUS: if you tell us your current numbers, countries & consumption, we can immediately run the cost comparison and show you the savings
  3. Confirm porting your number over to TeleForwarding and sign your contract
  4. Let us contact your provider(s) to port each number and send you a service notification for the number porting status for each number to take immediate advantage of all the benefits
Your all-in-one solution for free number porting
One Contact
One Contract
One Currency
One Language
One Service Level
One Wire Transfer

You can port a business number to TeleForwarding from well known providers like Verizon and AT&T, and others like TollFreeForwarding, GlobalCallForwarding, Avoxi, and RingCentral.

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