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Expanding your business with international toll free numbers has never been easier. Here’s 5 reasons why Toll Free numbers are the best solution for you:

  1. Toll Free numbers increase your customer satisfaction.
    • With a standard specific setup per city/country, international business phone numbers are easy to remember for your customers. Using local business phone numbers for your international customers is a sure fire way to attract more business.
  2. Toll Free numbers help you respond to your business needs.
    • You can route inbound calls to the right location which lets you match callers to the right call agents. Plus, our unsurpassed support team are always around to think with you about new ideas and support you in case of issues.
  3. Toll Free numbers help you to trace your marketing efforts.
    • With features like call tracking, you can optimalize campaigns around already known call volumes, leading to an improved return on marketing investment (ROMI).
  4. Toll Free numbers expands your inbound call capacity.
    • Using international business phone numbers makes it simple to manage staffing, ensuring that your specialized call agents are available to the customers who need them, minimizing call queuing.
  5. Toll Free numbers lower the cost of call handling.
      • TeleForwarding offers you an all-in-one solution, bundling the best services from Tier 1 providers, at the lowest cost.
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The 5 remarkable benefits of using international toll free numbers:

  • International toll free numbers numbers give you a virtual presence in 100+ countries
  • Emphasize your global expertise by using international toll free numbers
  • Your international clients can call you for free (hence toll free!)
  • Have your calls forwarded to any landline or mobile phone
  • Effectively deal with different time zones using our special features

Are you ready to expand your business with international toll free numbers?

Growing your international business with toll free numbers is as easy as 1, 2, 3. Contact us today to implement your international toll free phone number so you can quickly create a virtual presence for your company practically anywhere in the world!

Do you already have multiple contracts with several providers? Not to worry! TeleForwarding can bundle all the services you need with a simple number port – multiple numbers in multiple countries in one contract!

International phone numbers that are available to your customers overseas can help boost your business with recognizable and trustworthy toll free numbers that customers can call free of charge. This gives you the chance to show that your experience transcends borders. Add some of our special features, such as time/date routing, and you will never miss another international call again.

Not to worry, getting an international phone number isn’t as hard as you might think. Just let us know in which countries you want a number, and we’ll take care of the rest. Our experts are available to give you personal advice about the best solutions for your business needs and will make sure that your freephone numbers are immediately ready to use.

All your international calls will be forwarded to a landline or mobile phone of your choosing in the US or anywhere else in the world you might be, at no extra cost. This means you can answer all incoming calls from the comfort of your own office.

It’s smart, it’s simple, it’s fast – expanding your international reach has never been easier. So, what are you waiting for…

International phone numbers are often called uifn numbers, freephone numbers, and international toll free numbers. These terms are used interchangeably.

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