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How to Port your Number in 4 Simple Steps

  1. Use the promo code Spring2020 to take advantage of our special offer: The longer the contract period, the more the savings!
  2. Let us know your current phone numbers, countries, and call volumes and we’ll send you a competitive price proposition within 48 hours and show you the savings!
  3. Confirm your switch over to TeleForwarding and sign your contract
  4. Let us contact your provider(s) to port each number. You’ll receive a service notification for each number and take immediate advantage of all the benefits
Take Advantage Of This Special Offer Today! Promo Code: Spring2020

This year, we’re springing forward with a special offer: Switch to TeleForwarding and we’ll waive your service fee!

  • For every year you sign with TeleForwarding, we’ll waive 1 month’s service fee
  • Up to 3 months’ waived fees – with a 3 year contract period

You choose your rebate!

Yes I’d like to switch to TeleForwarding

Port your number to TeleForwarding today and realize the benefits!

Promo code: Spring2020

Maximum Impact

  • Unsurpassed Support
  • Trusted Specialists
  • Global Coverage
  • All-in-One Solution

Minimum Effort

  • 100% Line Continuity
  • 100% Controled Transfer
  • 100% Free of Charge
  • 100% Our Job

Cost savings have never been easier!

We have your savings solution with our spring porting offer, valid through April 30th, 2020. Focus on your core business and let us take care of your phone numbers! Our limited time spring offer gives you the best value for your money and the best in class experience!

  • Sign a 1 year contract, and we’ll waive your service fee for the first month.
  • Sign a 2-year contract, we’ll waive your service fees for the first two months.
  • Sign a 3-year contract, we’ll waive your service fees for the first three months.

Achieve maximum impact with minimum effort!

Make the seamless switch to TeleForwarding and keep your existing Toll Free and/or Geographical phone number(s)! We’ll take care of the number porting process, and you’ll get:

  • competitive price proposition within 48 hours
  • transparent contract with a universal Service Level Agreement
  • a unique support representative

Your trusted specialists at TeleForwarding will make sure to keep your lines open with 100% line continuity during the number porting process! For 25+ years we’ve been doing business focused on connecting people. So why wait any longer? Fill in your number porting request today!

We’ll take care of the number porting process, free of charge!

For a seamless number transfer, TeleForwarding bundles the services of well known Tier 1 providers to provide personalised telecoms solutions tailored to your needs. We guarantee a quick and easy transfer process, at no extra cost. Want to transfer your services to TeleForwarding and bring your numbers with you? No problem!

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You can port a business number to TeleForwarding from well known providers like Verizon and AT&T, and others like TollFreeForwardingGlobalCallForwardingAvoxi, and RingCentral.

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