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Stethoscope On Desk To Represent Publich Health.

Toll Free Hotlines for Health Safety Information

Amidst the fear of the COVID-19 outbreak, your trusted telecoms specialists at TeleForwarding are here to help. Here are a few ways you can help spread accurate public health safety information with toll free hotline numbers and virtual local phone…

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Number Porting in 4 Simple Steps!

Are you sick of endless phone calls to fix your phone lines? Let us help with your number porting needs. We see it so often: Companies who have a mix of different services providers for different types of phone numbers – a 1800…

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How UIFN Numbers Benefit the Automotive Industry

Chances are that you drive a car and that your car is manufactured by a globally renowned automotive brand. One of the most important relationships is between car owner (or leaser) and the representatives of their automotive brand. Good customer…

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Food Safety: The Benefits of Toll Free Numbers

Regulations around food safety are falling behind the exponential growth of the food production industry, leading to more and food recall news. The general food recall procedure here in the US is that businesses and food producers must contact the…

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Kostenlose Nummern

Health Care: The Benefits of Toll Free Numbers

There are hundreds of ways that you can make use of toll free numbers to benefit your company’s customer service practices. Within the next few weeks, we will show you some of the ways companies can apply toll free numbers…

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DIfference Between Hotline Pgone Numbers And Free Hotline Numbers, Explained

Toll Free Numbers and Hotline Numbers

All day long we hear commercials calling out “call us toll free!” or “contact us on our free hotline numbers”. The relationship between these different types of telephone numbers is confusing; hotline numbers can be 800 numbers, but a toll…

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How to Alleviate Stress Using Telephony

In this series, we've walked you through what causes stress at work and the symptoms of burnout. We hope that knowing more about what causes burnout will help you to mitigate this problem within your businesses. Workplace stress happens when…

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Are you ready for Brexit?

Brexit is the consequence of a 2016 referendum in the United Kingdom. We all remember the first “official” date of Brexit – March 29th, 2019.  After the original Brexit delay, the status of Brexit has been up in the air. The latest…

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